SPS | Snow Park Solutions - World Leader in Terrain Park Design
SPS | Snow Park Solutions - World Leader in Terrain Park Design
SPS | Snow Park Solutions - World Leader in Terrain Park Design
SPS | Snow Park Solutions - World Leader in Terrain Park Design

SPS | Technology & Innovation

At Snow Park Solutions we are dedicated to providing features built tough, safe and ready for years of daily Terrain Park abuse.  Our material choices, construction techniques and design practices not only exceed many other rail/box features available on the market but offer the utmost in safety and ride experience as well.

Using our combined countless years of rail/box building experience, we design and construct all our terrain park features with the following technology:

snow park tech
  1. Alternative slide surface materials and colors are available check our Sliding Options page for all the details.
  2. Warm welded steel tube and pipe slide surfaces with a minimum wall thickness of 1/8” on rails.
  3. ½” White HDPE slide surface completely encased in a minimum 1 5/8” warm welded steel round pipe coping with 90 degree radius rounded corners on boxes.
  4. Minimum 1.5” x 1.5” x 1/8” warm welded steel tube and/or angle steel under-frame (consists of legs, bottom sill and anchoring feet).
  5. 1 ½” x 12” x 1/8” warm welded steel tabs and minimum ¼” grade 5 bolts, washers and nylock nut hardware for skirting attachment
  6. Black gloss finish coating supplied on all metal surfaces, custom colors are available.
  7. Natural Finish Plywood skirting comes cut to size and attached.
  8. Full box frames utilize a post and panel system to reduce skirting damage and allows for easy replacement and/or removal.

All SPS Basics features come supplied with Natural Finish Plywood skirting while our City Street, Butter Deck and Wall Series features come with special Series colors. 

We offer several alternative skirting material options and our full service paint department can finish your features in any desired color scheme. Check our slide surface options and skirting options pages for all the details.

Custom branding and artwork is our specialty, check our Graphix Page or contact our expert graphics team for more details

SPS | Snow Park Solutions - T-Frame

SPS | T-Frame

All SPS Basics boxes are available in either our Snow Park Solutions T Style Box
Under Frame option, recommended for boxes 18” and under, or our Snow Park
Solutions Full Box Under Frame option for boxes of all widths.

Through our Snow Park Solutions Research and Development we have found the Snow Park Solutions T-style under frame to have the same stability and ride-ability as our full box frames when mounted and maintained properly. The decision between a T-Style under frame and a full box under frame really comes down to each customer’s personal preference in appearance.  

T Frame Advantages

  • Decreased weight (over a 1/3 less weight) means easier moving of the feature.
  • Decreased material and construction labor costs means less strain on your terrain park budget.
  • Decreased user/snow cat damage to side frame and skirting reducing paint and branding repair time.
  • Recommended for boxes 18” and under.
full frame

SPS | Full Box Frame

Snow Park Solutions full box frames utilize a post and panel design eliminating skirting damage commonly found on other full box frame features, and allowing for easier replacement of individual panels if necessary.

Full Box Frame Advantages

  • Superior rigidity especially in fresh or loose/slushy snow conditions.
  • Reduced installation/removal time, no feet to dig in.
  • Increased user perception of comfort and safety.
  • Recommended for boxes over 18” wide.
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