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SPS | Snow Park Solutions - World Leader in Terrain Park Design
SPS | Snow Park Solutions - World Leader in Terrain Park Design
SPS | Snow Park Solutions - World Leader in Terrain Park Design

Snow Park Solutions | November 2012 Blog

November Blog | 2012

November has arrived and while we had a light slushing at the farm a few weeks ago, we have yet to see any real snow accumulate on the local hills. I have seen many posts about hills opening this month and a few have even managed to open up as early as the end of October so it wont be long before everyone’s shredding. Unfortunately for the staff at SPS we are spending most of our time raking up these damn leaves in between builds to even think about fun in the snow. Ah well, there can only be so many leaves and hopefully we can retire the rakes for another season soon.

The SPS shop has been a busy one these past months, we have several builds on the go right now with several more just going through the confirmation stages. As always we are working almost around the clock to keep up with the demands but it’s something we are used to at this time of season. It’s exciting to see the commitment a lot of mountains are putting into their terrain parks this season and even more exciting for us to have the opportunity to build these incredible and unique features. We love what we do and that’s what helps the long days stay enjoyable.

SPS Events helped kick off the official start to the snow season for tons of skiers and snowboarders by designing and building a custom jib jam course for the Vancouver Snow Show at the end of October. We had an open jam and contest both nights of the show where several of the Vancouver’s top skiers and snowboarders stoked the crowd with one hell of a show. I may be a little biased but I think the highlight of the night was watching longtime SPS friend Jordan Bell 180 onto the tall rail, transfer to the small box and 270 off. Sick! The show was a blast and it was super cool to connect with old friends I hadn’t seen in a long time. Plans are already in the works for next year’s event with the possible addition of a similar show at the Calgary Snow Show as well. If you are considering an event this season and need a little help, give us a call to see if our SPS Events team can assist in any way.

SPS Tools has fallen a bit behind with all the other things happening but we are still pushing hard to have them released by the start of the season. We have our prototypes finished and they are looking sick. Super comfortable to work with and lots of easily changeable customizing options help make each tool perfect for every condition and every user. Give us a call for more info and/or to set up a demo.

One of the most exciting things going on in the SPS world is the return to our roots with SPS Terrain Park Consulting, Design and Construction. We have teamed up with some of the most respected, decorated and accomplished terrain park professionals in Canada to provide everything from a helpful guided push in the right direction to complete start to finish project management. Our team has extensive knowledge in every aspect of a terrain park project, staff training, earth work, natural/blown snow management, design, construction you name it and we have you covered. Look for the program to be finalized and launched over the coming weeks and/or give us a call or email for more details.

Well that’s about all the space I have for this months blog, be sure to stay tuned to our facebook page to follow along with all the builds, upcoming events, and everything else happening at Snow Park Solutions. Hope to see everyone on their local slopes soon sliding some new Snow Park Solutions Steel.
-Darrin, SPS

november blog - snow park specialists
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